10 Top Natural Remedies For Yeast Infection

natural-remedies-for-yeast-infectionNatural Remedies for Yeast Infection – Yeast infection or vaginitis is painful condition. Sufferer always feel uncomfortable feeling. Like, burning, itching and discharge. Unhealthy forms of fungus that grow in the warm can be yeast infection. Women is most be victim of candida. Man have little portion to be sufferer.

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We will give you some tips natural remedies for yeast infectionnatural-remedies-for-yeast-infection

1. Probitics

Consume antibiotics can increase your yeast infection level. Taking a probiotic food will help restore the fungal infections like Candida from forming.

2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix 3 tablespoon of  raw organic apple cider vinegar with 1 quart of water will help you. If you want more benefit please add a colloidal silver.

3. Garlic

Several fresh garlic is common remedies for yeast infection. Garlic can make your breath come so bad, but the benefit is so amazing. Garlic is natural anti-fungal properties and natural anti-bacteria.

4. Avoid Harsh Feminine Products

Almost soap product in the market is containing natural protective oils. Natural protective oil is so harsh to beautiful woman anatomy. Try to use organic product.

5. Oregano Oil

Another amazing oil is oregano oil. Oregano oil can remedies yeast infection for effective. The receipe is: take 9 drops in a capsule, then swallow. Try 2 or 3 times a day when you after eat ( when your stomach is full ).

6. Tea Tree Oil

One of powerfull anti-fungal is tea tree oil. Please, take a few drops of organic tea tree oil on a natural tampon. Then, insert into your vagina for about 4 hours. Practice step, you can do at morning and afternoon. But, you should not to sleep with tampon inserted. Try for few days, the symptoms will decrease.

7. Cranberries

Cranberries usually use for bladder infection. But, cranberries can healing yeast infection too. Cranberries can consume in juice form.  Cranberries cure fungal infection.

8. Organic Plain Yogurt

Organic plain yoghurt is help restoring flora and pH balance. Yogurt can be consume topically and vaginally to decrease a yeast infection. Simple receipe is insert 1 to 2 tablespoons of yogurt into the vagina. And place yogurt at the skin around vagina. Wash it after several hours. But, you should remember: no added sugars, fruit or other ingredients.

9. Wear Loose Clothing

Wear loose clothing, may be you laugh after listen that suggest. But, the simple thing you should do to reduce yeast infection. Yeast fungus is grow in warm environment. Yeast fungus is love in warm environment too. When you wear loose clothing, you help oxygen in and out. That fact can otomatically prevent fungus expanding. Another advice is use organic cotton clothing.

10. Relax

Every woman or man is has normal amounts of candida yeast, even a healthy body. Healthy body is have good environment to preventing fungus to multiplying. When yeast infection take over, your body automatically give a sign. Candida can life and stay in your body is when you keep stressfull life style. That fact, can distrubing your immune sytem. So, you need to relax and slow down what ever you do today.

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