Jump Manual Book

jump-manual-bookJump Manual Book – In addition to body posture vertical jump important part to be able to do Slam-dunk. But do not worry about the train jumps, short who can do slam-dunk with hard work and exercise vertical jump that continues. I help provide information on how to train our vertical jump height.

Zach Lavine is a rookie in the NBA in 2014 the agency 6’4 feet / + – 195 cm. rookie with the highest vertical Jump Manual Book ability between other rookie with vertical jump ability 46inchi (115cm) extraordinary above average “NBA basketball player capability .It jumping ability of a particular picture, to be more active exercises to improve vertical jump for basketball player who want vertical jump that well.



The following are tips and examples of exercises increase vertical jump in Jump Manual Book.

  • Running stairs.

This method is very good because with a run up and down the stairs we got 2 benefits well as the endurance and jump us. the duration of an individual within the limits of their capabilities. “And should now go up and down stairs quickly and tiptoe leg position

  • Squat load

do squat position only the difference we support a friend who postured as we are above the shoulders. squat position with raised heels, facing the wall because both hands sbagai counterweight when the squat with your hands or holding the wall. Do 8-12x touch reps 3-5 sets

  • Jump box

Look for the box with a height of 50cm done by using explosive leap to two feet without prefix rise to the top box. Then fall back to a safe position to avoid foot injury

  • skipping

Skipping is very helpful because accelerate the explosive power when making the leap and agility abilities while jumping legs so that the body feels light and maximum jump ability. Do 5-10 minutes of his training

  • jogging

Jogging helps durability and stamina while running and jumping. Because when jumping require extra energy and good stamina. Besides jogging stamina also make increasing dexterity leg

  • Sprint

Sprint / Running short distance of 30-50 m. aims to improve agility and foot speed .do for 5-7 times with maximum running speed.

  • basketball hoop jump

After the jump exercise over the tried and practiced properly and according to the portion of practice and the ability of each individual. Test your ability to jump into the ring is increased and measure your progress every month leap.

I hope information Jump Manual Book review helps you to achieve the maximum jump. and may be useful for you all, thank you and good luck training.


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