Home Remedies for Yeast Infection in Woman

home-remedies-for-yeast-infection-in-womanYeast infection can attack woman or man. Woman commonly be the victim. Vaginitis or yeast infection is cause by fungus. And name the fungud is candida albicans. Candida albicans is life in dark, moisture and war environment. Canida have 20 species. Yeast infection usually healing with drugs, cream, suppositories, antibiotics,cream  or a medical treatment. But, some times we realize that give just tempory healing. At one time, candida albicans come back again. And worse than before. Other side, any medical tretment some times bring negative effect. Like, headache, abdominal pain and nausea.

Yeast infection can catching by having sex with candida albicans sufferer. Yeast infecition is uncomfortable feeling with itching, burning, soreness and pain at your private area. Itching feeling at your private area can cause by chemical irritant too. Chemical irritant can cause by detergent, soap, toilet tissues, contra ceptive product, vaginal creams, bath product, feminine hygiene and women when menopause transition. Menopause transition can give itvhing feeling in vagina, because fluctuations in estrogen levels.

Home remedies for yeast infection for woman usually try with consume garlic, probiotic, raw apple cider vinegar, plain yogurt and oil of oregano. But, we will discuss another thing to healing yeast infection wth natural way.

Water For Treatment Yeast Infection

Water is big part of our life and our body. Water is always need our daily life. Drink, cooking, swim, wash car, wash cloths, wash plate and others. And, we believe that water can relieve any kind of disease. Enough water in our body will reduction any kind of disease.

Most healthy expert suggest to drink water 8 glasses a day, even more.  Because when we drinking enough, we will urinating regularly. And that way more effective to reduction possibility candida yeast infection. With regularly urinating, we releasing sugar too. Sugar is candida yeast infection feed. Drink pure water and free toxins. Is good to buy one some type of water filtration system. Water filtration system will provide us good water for or body.

Bacteria supplement

Actually healthy body is contains of trillions of microorganism. And most is reside in the colon. Their main function is provide enough yeast.

Take your time to enjoy your life


Actually some studies explain that psychological stress and vaginal yeast infections is have relation. When you stress, of course your immune system will weaken. So, try to enjoy your self. Stop have negative thinking about your problem. When you feel so stuck, please let your self to stop all activity. Take your time to rest. And read some comics, watch your favourite tv program, laugh, good time with family will help you to solve your problem. Remeber, your healthy is about how you respect your body.

Stop birth control pills

Birth control pills is can weaken our immune system. When you try home remedies yeast infection in woman, please to avoid to having sex with your husband. Because it can give bad impact for you and your partner. Yeast infection can catching by having sex.

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