Constants Yeast Infections

constant-yeast-infectionConstants Yeast Infections : Some body who doing diets, consume drugs or doing treatment to relief candida yeast infection still feel suffer. We need to more concentration to look for what be the single most important factor why we failed rid of candida. But, sometimes we refuse all the reason. Refuse and refuse cause constant yeast infection more worse. And, we sure that all you candida yeast sufferer want to be free forever from that disease.

As a sufferer of candida, we should need important fact about yeast infection. So, we can know exactly to healing acne without spend a lot of money and time.

Lost of control blood sugar or diabetes

Diabetes or sugar bloods is condition when yeast infection get feeds from carbohydrat you eat. If the level of glucose high, yeast will growth and reproduces spore form and can double its population every hour. That’s so dangerous! If you feel starvation when you diet, yeast will look for another source glucose. Like: in your stomach, the lining of the skin in the vagina and outer layer of your skin. Then, yeast found glucose in your blood sugar. The candida alive again.

Weakened imunne system

Candida albicans actually natural yeast found in every body. In normal condition, candida controlled by our good bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus. Candida is yeast infection usually begins in genitals or digestive system. Then spread to other parts of the body such as the sinuses or skin. All the condition make sufferer consume antibiotics. Antibiotics makes good bacteria kill with bad bacteria. And that condition can weakened your immune systen. Then, you will easy to attack by another hard disease. Immune system in our body is so important. Immune systen can protect you again all disease attack around there.

Hormon is not balance

hormon-not-balance-yeast-inefectionThe fact, candida yeast feed is on sugar, vinegar, fungus, fermented foods, vinegar and fungus. Try to remove all the kind of food mention before, the yeast will be gone and never back agin. Processed food specially food contains sugar, start to avoid mushroom and alcohol you will receive big benefit. Remember, discipline with good dietary will be balance your hormon. If you try to decrease your diet level when you before get best result, your candida will come back again. And, that fact will dangerous for you hormonal system.

High heavy metal

Health expert had experimentation, they testing various illness sufferer to know the mercury level at their body. And the result is so dramatic :  84% of patients with constant yeast infections had mercury levels and the mercury level is 60% higher than normal. Same result at patient with parasites. Accumulation levels of mercury in females are 2:1 over males. Immune system is   designed to protect your body from the bad effects of mercury poisoning. Cells to cells is talk one to another and relay update information so they all work together as a whole grain system. So, we need to control our body so that candida yeast infection trully dissapear.


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