Acne No More Book Review

acne-no-more-book-reviewAcne No More Book Review – Many people ask how to get rid of acne naturally fast using natural ingredients. I need to emphasize that there is no natural way that can eliminate acne within 1 day or overnight. However, if applied regularly of course the natural way that will give the best results only a few days after application.

Acne itself is a skin problems most often encountered. Now before I explain how to get rid of acne fast, I want to clarify some important issues related to the acne first.

Skin care products that can eliminate acne is currently very much and you can buy in pharmacies and beauty stores. I do not doubt the efficacy of the product, only the use of chemicals is constantly certainly not good for skin health. Therefore, how to get rid of acne naturally in my opinion is the best way. Immediately following Acne No More Book Review such as

Some Tips For Cure Your Acne – Acne No More Book Review

1. With a banana skin

First consider first whether you already inflamed pimples or not. If not inflamed, you can rub the inside of a banana skin or the white directly on the face gently and thoroughly. If pimples are already inflamed, you can destroy a banana skin first, then add 1 teaspoon of honey. Once well blended and then make a facial mask.

2. Rose water and sandalwood powder

The trick is by mixing 1 tablespoon rose water with 2 tablespoons of powdered sandalwood. Once well blended then apply a mixture of both natural ingredients on your face. Let stand for 20-25 minutes then rinse with warm water. This way you can apply 3 days.


It is very easy, by smoothing the garlic to taste, then apply on the acne skin contained. Once applied and let stand for 10 minutes and rinse with clean water.

4. Eggs

Separate the first yolk and egg white. After that grab the egg white and apply on your face. Let stand for 15 minutes then rinse your face with water.

5. Aloe vera

Choose fresh aloe vera then peeled and grab his gel. After that, apply the aloe vera gel on the pimple, wait a while and then clean. You can apply this way every morning and evening.

6. Tomato

Sliced ​​tomatoes it can get rid of acne, how pretty with sliced ​​tomatoes with the sheer size and then stick the slices on your skin acne. Paste for 20-30 minutes then wash your face with water. You can visit How stop your acne with acne no more book by mike walden less than 2 months.


Well, that’s all the information that can be shared for you about Acne No More Book Review.

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