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acne-no-more-bonusAcne No More BonusWho is not familiar with acne, teens must know exactly what is called acne. Yes, acne is very disturbing once it is therefore necessary to eliminate it.

Why should eliminate it? We know it feels very sore pimples and also make the face look dirty and it’s very disturbing.

To restore confidence must necessarily eliminate existing acne on the face after removing acne scars due to acne scars is also very disturbing.

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Natural Treatment Acne – Maybe you can get help by reading this information below :

Ice Cube

Ice cubes are often encountered can get rid of pimples on the face. Ice cubes themselves may reduce inflammation in the swelling due to acne, so as to reduce the swelling of the face caused by acne. How to use is easy enough by wrapping ice cubes in a clean cloth then put on the face with acne.


Honey can also be used as material to get rid of acne in which the benefits of guiding itself are good for the skin, including skin. In addition to just using only honey, you can also mix honey with egg white. How to make is to prepare honey and egg white. After that you stir so as honey and egg white together with a dose of half a spoon. How to use it is easy enough by applying the need white honey mixed into the facial acne.


Lemon you can make natural ingredients to get rid of acne that you can practice daily at home where lime is usually very easy to obtain especially in rural areas. Lemon itself has many benefits one of them to cure acne, the fact that you can see where the soap has many uses ingredients of lemon when used on anything oily levels will be reduced. It is identical to the face where the face of the high oil content will be easy breakouts. Therefore lime one of the favorite ingredients that you can use.


Tomatoes are not only used for cooking supplementary materials but also can be used to prevent acne that does not arise in the face. Other benefits in tomatoes are able to tighten the skin and are suitable for the skin. How to use the tomatoes to get rid of acne is quite easy, you just cut the tomatoes taste you plainly topical-apply on the face with acne, especially on the part multiple times. Then you let stand about 15 minutes and after that you rinse with clean water. Tomatoes are also useful for preventing acne recurs therefore you can apply on the acne scars.

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